Language in the Media conference


18-20 October 2017


University of the Western Cape
Cape Town
South Africa


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31 December
Notification of Acceptance:
1 February
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Wednesday, 18 October 2017
12H00 – 13H00 Registration and Lunch
13H00 – 13H30 Opening
13H30 – 14H30 Keynote: Crispin Thurlow De/materializing discourse (Venue: 1A)
Room C Room D Room E
14H30 – 15H00 Dissent and The Dirty War: A study of oppositional print media discourse as counter-memory during Argentina’s last military dictatorship from 1982-1983
Muireann Prendergast
Suggestive chats: what a discourse analysis of the WhatsApp chats between Marius Fransman and Louisa Wynand reveals.
Zannie Bock
The malleability of national language ideology: The case of Xu Bing’s text-based art
Adam Jaworski
15H00 – 15H30 Urban violence representations in Brazilian newspapers: A corpus linguistics based approach
Ana Cristina Pelosi Silva, Heloisa Pedroso De Moraes Feltes and Carmen Dayrell
Identity constructions of Malaysian youngsters in WhatsApp messenger
Nur Husna Serip Mohamadi
dotEUS and dotGAL: Language ideologies and commodification in online minority language communities
Johan Järlehed
15H30 – 16H00 Coffee/Tea
16H00 – 16H30 Media, power and corruption: A cognitive, pragmatic-discursive approach about Brazilian politics
Letícia Adriana Pires Ferreira Dos Santos, Ana Cristina Pelosi, Maria Margarete Fernandes de Sousa and Monica Fontenelle Carneiro
Localized transnational action: Media representations of #FeesMustFall 2016
Irina Turner
Collective identity, multimodality and Snapchat live stories
Ruth Page
16H30 – 17H00 ‘Black diamonds’, ‘clever blacks’ and other metaphors: Constructing the black middle class in contemporary South African print media
E. Dimitris Kitis
#WitsFeesMustFall: A critical discourse analysis of #FeesMustFall protests at the university of the Witwatersrand in October 2015
Natalija Cerimaj
Social media and sociolinguistic reflexivity
Andreas Canderfors Staehr
17H00 – 17H30 Representations of the supernatural: Mining and magic in the South African media
Annel Pieterse
Debating identity politics and separatism in Swedish news press
Fanny Perez Aronsson
From “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” to “Outsourced”- Representations of call centers and their linguistic practices in the media
Johanna Woydack
Thursday, 19 October 2017
09H00 – 10H00 Keynote: Erez Levon
“This is not Europe”: Sexuality, ethnicity and the (re)enactment of Israeli authenticity”
(Venue: 1A)
Room C Room D Room E
10H00 – 10H30 Coffee/Tea
10H30 – 11H00 Linguistic variation and social media: A comparative study of dialect use on Facebook in three different field sites
Anne Larsen
4 days and 649 profile views: Online and offline performances of female au pairs – the challenges of temporary transnational experiences in the 21st century
Kellie Goncalves
“The Greenlandic body” in Danish media: Entangling intersections of colonial power, race, gender and sexuality
Marie Maegaard and Kristine Køhler Mortensen
11H00 – 11H30 You’re the boss! – acts of crossing, dialect bleaching and cultural appropriation ramifying from a Moroccan megahit
Ivan Panović
Skyping the sister in Bonsai: Mediatising stylizations from the local to the diaspora
Mairead Moriarty and Elaine Vaughan
Intersections of (trans)nationalism, gender, race and crime in online news: The case of Oscar Pistorius – Olympian and murderer
Sylvia Jaworska and Sally Hunt
11H30 – 12H00 The effect of language power hierarchies and translocality on the use of the minority language Frisian on social media
Lysbeth Jongbloed, Leonie Cornips, Edwin Klinkenberg and Hans Van de Velde
Beyond borders: Materiality and remediation in the representation of digital communication
Vanessa Jaroski
Discourse and the coloniality of body in Brazilian Media
Rodrigo Borba and Tommaso Milani
12H00 – 12H30 Minority language reclamation – a mediated discourse analysis
Pia Lane
The competition between Thai and English in the domain of media in Thailand
Pavadee Saisuwan
Counting “the costs of discrimination”: Mediatizing LGBT diversity in global commercial discourse
Joseph Comer
12H30 – 13H30 Lunch
13H30 – 14H00 Khoisan language ‘revival’ in the media
Justin Brown
Raising children multilingually: Family language policies and online blogging
Elizabeth Lanza
“I flirt by insulting people”: Exploring the creation and performance of intimacy in First Dates (Ireland)
Brian Clancy
14H00 – 14H30 Twitter and fandom: Mapping the fanbase of two minority language programmes
Maggie Bonsey
Technological affordances and communicative care practices in transnational family life
Lynette Arnold
Researching sexual minorities in men’s football – methodological challenges of multi-sited and multisemiotic ethnographies
Samu Kytölä
14H30 – 15H00 Mediati(is)ing indigenous resistance: Lifestyle blogs and the politics of popular media
Kati Dlaske
Social media networks and linguistic repertoires in Norwegian-Senegalese families
Kristin Vold Lexander
From “Cuck” to “Cuckservative”: The sexual and racial politics of the 2016 American presidential election”
Holly Oberle
15H00 – 15H30 Coffee/Tea
15H00 – 15h30 Auditor design in citizen videos of police interactions
Rodney Jones
Transnational families, the Norwegian Barnevernet and the media: Discourses between public and private experiences
Judith Purkarthofer and Elizabeth Lanza
The meaning of feminist pronouns
Karin Milles
15H30 – 16H00 Waging war “anonymously”: Mediating banal nationalism in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Maida Bilkic
“You’d better go learn Polish ;)” – identity, stance and language ideologies among transnational teenagers in social media
Maria Obojska
Porn in RSA? An ethnographic study of South Africa’s pornography industry
Megan Edwards
16H00 – 16H30 Language activism and acts of citizenship among urban youth in Sweden
Henning Årman
The legitimacy of Arabic in the United States: The example of Dearborn, Michigan
Camelia Suleiman and Russell Lucas
Ready-to-wear sexual politics
Koki Kapa
16H30 – 17H30 Publishing Workshop (Ruth Page)
18H00 – 22H00 Gala Dinner (Gold Restaurant)
Friday, 20 October 2017
09H00 – 10H00 Keynote: Branca Falabella Fabricio
‘No better time or better reason to close the border to the South and shut down the Olympics’: Colonial geopolitics, biomediatization and complex indexicalities in news coverage of the Zika virus outbreak.
(Venue: 1A)
Room C Room D Room E
10H00 – 10H30 Things we do in language and on the web with race in the Brazilian context
Glenda Cristina Valim de Melo
Omanis’ use of emojis in WhatsApp interactions
Fathiya Al Rashdi
‘The Fast and the Fastidious’ – Designing the news: The production values at work in the newspaper sub-editing stage
Astrid Vandendaele
10H30 – 11H00 Facebook and Fracking: Race, class and gender in environmental debates across three national contexts
Scott Burnett
Writing norms into being: How participants ‘do orthography’ in WhatsApp
Etienne Morel
Language and mediatized (trans)nationalisms in Curaçaoan news media: (Dis)continuities of the colonial past and its legacies
Sanne Rotmeijer
11H00 – 11H30 Coffee/Tea
11H30 – 12H00 From threatening to comically entertaining – changing constructions of the immigrant Others and their linguistic practices in Sweden
Rickard Jonsson and Anna Franzén
The Baba Jukwa Facebook page: Zimbabwean social media as counter-hegemonic spaces for political transformation
Stanley Mutetwa
Stereotypes of gender and desperation in media reporting on natural disaster
Christine Anthonissen, Victor Chikaipa and Taryn Bernard
12H00 – 12H30 Parodying the parody: Humour as methodology in investigating South African tabloids
Marcelyn Oostendorp
Gender, sexuality, age consent and politics in the postcolony: A case study of Botswana’s negative moment
Malebogo Kgalemang
German as a language of mediation in the African-European context or the case of Namibia’s periodical Allgemeine Zeitung
Henning Radke
12H30 – 13H30 Lunch
13H30 – 14H00 Travels in time: Music and media at cultural reference points
Colleen Cotter with Darius Brubeck and Cathy Brubeck
Language as a barrier to social inclusion
Magas Pather
“Corrupting” or “facilitating”: Different perspectives on the practice of “solidarity” among Ghanaian journalists
Maame​ ​Afua​ ​Nikabs
14H00 – 14H30 Positioning the marginalised areas of Cape Town on globalised social media
Nadine Chariatte
Evaluating the effects of a cross-national media initiative
Guido Keel and Hansjörg Enz

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